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Here’s a heads-up. This web site is moving to a new host. The URL will continue to be

There will be some changes in appearance, but the Content will initially be very much the same. You may email me at .

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The February 20, 2015 Acoustic Open Stage

We had a fine evening with a great mix of familiar performers and several first-timers on a very chilly Friday evening. A total of 14 performers were:

1. Wayne Cheater; 2. Scott and Amber – NEW; 3. Timberlane Trio; 4. Kate Strathdee & Mike – NEW; 5. Dan Hergott; 6. Jakki Annerino; 7. Randy Ouillette; 8. Vienna D’Amato-Hall – NEW; 9. Adam Lang & John Dooley; 10.David Maranta and Friends; 11.Ron Hammar; 12.Cam and Pat; 13.Neil Light; 14.Lawrence Cresswell

Please take note of our new email addresses.  You can reach us at

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The Next Black Walnut Acoustic Open Stage Will Be Friday, February 20th

On Friday February 20th, 2015 the Black Walnut will return with an all Open Stage evening. Bring your guitars, banjos, voices, acoustic instruments of all sorts or just your eyes and ears. We love our audience, because they love our performers and because “If there ain’t no audience there ain’t no show”. The doors will open and sign-up for the open stage will start at 7:30 pm. Remember when you sign up you get to play/sing two songs in a set of 10 minutes or less and you need to be ready to start playing when your turn starts so you won’t lose any of your 10 minutes.

The details are outlined on our page. The parking is free at the back of the MIll-Courtland Community Centre and admission is still $3 at the door. the facility is accessible, alcohol, smoke and peanut free and every show is different. If you don’t come, you’ll miss it.

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On January 16th Jack and Brad Gave us a Sample

On Friday, January 16, 2015, Jack Cole and Brad Nelson started off our evening with a two song sample of their Stan Rogers tribute songs.  They are both featured as part of a 3 concert tour in aid of Stanfest   We had a very fine evening which also featured some jazz numbers complete with guitar, bass and sax and a contemporary dance interpretation.  

The next Acoustic Open Stage will be Friday, February 20th. The performers on January 16th were:

1. Jack Cole and Brad Nelson; 2. Timberlane Trio – Dave, Lars & Jeff(NEW); 3. Mike Miller; 4. Dan Hergott; 5. Terry Krentzkamp; 6. Jakki Annerino; 7. Loretta Fullerton & Julia Ridley (NEW); 8. Ron Hammar; 9. Gary and Rick; 10.Dave Maranta; 11.Cam and Pat; 12.Randy Ouillettte; 13.Wayne Cheater; 14.Scott Abrams

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On December 19, 2014 Seasonal Celebration Was Well Attended

On Friday December 19th, We had our best turnout for the year for songs, treats, prizes and all open stage evening with a seasonal flavour.  The Open Stage performers were:

1. Ian – NEW, 2. Rick and Gary, 3. Barry Cull, 4. David Maranta, 5. Dan Hergott, 6. Pete Lippert, 7. Jakki Annerino, 8. Randy Ouillette, 9. Lawrence Cresswell, 10.Scott Abrams, 11.John Dooley and Adam Lang, 12.Ron Hammar, 13Arthur Wayne, 14.Cam and Pat, 15.Gord Castle

We hope to see y’all back on Friday, January 16 for our next Acoustic Open Stage.

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Here Is a List of the Performers, November 21, 2014

WE had a total of 14 performances, including two who were first timers for the Black Walnut. We know they have previously performed elsewhere. Here is the full list:
1. Lawrence Cresswell, 2. Mike Miller, 3. Dan Hergott, 4. Kiki, Giami & Emily Salvador – NEW, 5. Jim Skura, 6. Barry Cull, 7. Randy Ouillette, 8. Jakki Annerino, 9. Andy Hagan – NEW, 10.Cam and Pat, 11.Scott Abrams, 12.Ron Hammar, 13.Ed Barrington, 14.Wayne Cheater

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The Short Report – Friday, November 21 by Jakki

Hi all you Black Walnuts,

We had a great night on Friday with 1 new performer and 1 new group. I sure hope the Salvador family will come back. They were a real treat! Two of our new performers from October came back as well.

We purchased a new coffee maker this month to make it easier on Karen to brew up the coffee all at one time. We’re grateful to Irena for filling in for Karen this month.

We will be having our usual Christmas door prize draw in December. I’ve received a few donations for the prize draw and Ellen and I will pick up a few more.

See you in December.


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The Open Stage Returned October 17th

What a great night on Friday.  We had 5 new performers.  I think that might be a record!  Thanks to Scott for filling in on sound.  We had the Hidden Stories crew, Martin DeGroot, Gabe, Cole and Alissa from the Multicultural Cinema Club from the Working Centre.  They said they may be back next month to do some more filming.  The acoustic open stage will be back on Friday November 21st.

On Friday October 17, the Open Stage Performers were: 1. Adam Lang 2. Tibor – NEW 3. Ron Hammar – NEW 4. Mike Miller – NEW 5. Scott Abrams 6. Randy Ouillette 7. Jakki Annerino 8. Lawrence Cresswell 9. Neil Light – NEW 10. Wayne Cheater 11.Kevin Smith – NEW 12.David Maranta

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We Celebrated 20 Years of the Black Walnut

On September 19, 2014, we celebrated 20 years of Black Walnut Open Stages. We had the biggest turnout since our Valdy concert 10 years ago. While about 90 folks turned out to celebrate it was mostly about the music and that night it was a full evening concert by Rescue Junction. We put a photo of the band on our Performers pictures page.

We’ll be back on Friday, October 17th with our open stage. 

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Resue Junction Link

We are getting excited about our Rescue Junction concert on Friday, September 19th, 2014 at 8 pm. The doors will open at 7:oo pm and the cost is just $3 at the door.

I have been listening to some of their songs at

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